Spread The Word Music Festival


Colorado Music Festival Announces 100+ Up-and-Coming Artists in Downtown Denver


March 10th, 2017 (Denver, Colorado) – Spread the Word Music Festival is pleased to announce its fifth annual extravaganza, featuring over 100 of Colorado’s best up-and-coming bands/DJs. This four day festival will take place Friday May 5th – Monday May 8th, 2017 at multiple downtown Denver venues including Mile High Spirits, Cervantes, Mercury Cafe, Tony P’s, Pearl’s & Beryl’s Beer Co. with a free party shuttle service transporting patrons all weekend. Music lovers of all types will appreciate the variance throughout the festival with styles ranging from jam, funk, reggae, electronic, rock, folk, bluegrass and every kind of fusion in between.


Spread The Word Fest 2017 Line-up:

Kyle Hollingsworth Band (of the String Cheese Incident) | Eufórquestra | A-Mac and the Hight | Analog Son | WhiteWater Ramble (Grateful Dead tribute) | Jon Wayne And the Pain | Eminence Ensemble | Skydyed | Joey Porter’s Vital Organ (feat. members of The Motet) | Jaden Carlson Band | Genetics | Cycles | Atomga | The Sweet Lillies | Lucid Vision | Mikey Thunder | DubSkin | The Workshy | Rastasaurus | The Copper Children | Spectacle | P-Nuckle | The Tone Factory | Gasoline Lollipops | Chain Station | Kruza Kid | The Burroughs | Judge Roughneck | Lady and the Gentlemen | Metafonics | Taylor Scott Band | Pan Astral | The Robby  Wicks  Band | The Pamlico Sound | Good Touch | Mikos Da Gawd | Aaron Bordas | Staxx | Tenth Mountain Division | Emma Mayes and the Hip | Project 432 | CollieRAD | Apex Vibe | The Orcastrator | Melody Lines | Tortuga | Collidoscope | Chachuba | Wabakinoset | Zeta June | Boogie Mammoth | Tyler Imbrey and the Ghost Review | Andy Babb and the Big Beautiful Band | Sixty Minute Men | The Jacob Cade Project | Matt Rouch and the Noise Upstairs | Andy Sydow Band | Inna Di Red | The Hashtones | Wonderlic | Space Cartel | XOA | Kaleid | Lola Rising | Coal Town Reunion | Timber! | Gladys | Midnight Pressure | Ras Dave | Driftin’ Suns | Jubilingo | Differents | The Wandering Woods | Dave Halchak | Jeraff | Gioto & many more!


Spread The Word Music Festival has organically grown to represent a large portion of the Colorado music scene and has extended its wings further than ever this year. Westword, 97.3 KBCO, Radio 1190, Marquee Magazine, Colorado Concerts, Blackspy Marketing, Twist & Shout Records, KGNU, Grassroots and various other amazing local sponsors will be spreading the word. The festival will also feature live painters, various vendors, meet-and-greets, a silent disco, food trucks/vendors, a snowboard give-away from Never Summer & much more!


Live music connoisseurs and party enthusiasts alike will be pleased with 40+ hours of incredible Colorado-bred music across 10 stages in a convenient downtown location. Spread The Word Music Festival 2017 is sure to turn heads and shake up the Colorado music scene at its core.


For updated announcements, tickets, videos, photos, music, and more, visit www.spreadthewordfest.com or the festival’s social media sources.

For further information, contact:


Alex Mackenzie-Low

2816 Humboldt St.

Denver, CO 80205



Our Next Show

All right y’all. Get down with us at this amazing festival!! We play the Mercury Cafe Denver on may 6th at 7 pm. See your beautiful faces there! Tickets online at http://spreadthewordfest.com/


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Driftin’ Suns, located in Denver, Colorado, are a unique Indie Rock presence with 41 year of collective experience. We play sounds set in stone using combinations of Grunge, Rock, Latin, and Blues. With original, electrifying progressions and unexpected thought-provoking lyrical content. The energy we create inspires great vibration and uncontrollable dancing. We intend to change the way we listen to music today..

Fan Focus

As a young boot strapping corporation, we are learning, growing and developing our business model as well as our music through our collaboration and an intense amount of support from our fans.  Each of you are individuals who are contributing to our community and our world in a unique way.

We are huge fans of reciprocity, enjoying the idea that we can support one another through barter, reciprocity and creative problem solving where our focus may not always be money exchange.  In talking about ways in which we could show our fan base support, we came up with Fan Focus.

Each month we will focus on a fan whose support of our business model has been above and beyond the call.  We want the world to know who our fans are, what they are creating, and where they want to go.  We are privileged to have the opportunity to get to know you and network with you.


We are pleased to connect you to companies and organizations who we have successfully collaborated with!

If you are interested in collaborating with us, please contact us today!


Cover Songs We Perform

Don’t Sit Down

Father of Mine

House of the Rising Sun

Lake of Fire

Love Me 2 Times

Mississippi Queen

My Girl

St. Joe

Use of Time

Why I Am Here





Stage-Plot_Driftin-Suns (1)

Stage-Plot_Driftin-Suns (1)